Well-Being Programs

Singapore-based provider of Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching & Training Services

Established in 2013, LAHyp is a Singapore-based provider of Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching services.

Since 2013, Lee Anne has helped countless clients work through different challenges such as addictions, self-esteem issues and past trauma in order to help them find the strength from within to achieve their desired state of well-being.

In addition to helping individuals overcome personal challenges, NLP and Hypnotherapy can also be used to help individuals achieve their desired state of performance by helping them identify and embody desired characteristics and qualities for personal and career success.


Customized to your Needs

Every coaching session is customized to your specific needs and the tools and techniques are designed to work at the root of the cause on a subconscious level where all behaviors and habits arise from.

By going straight to the root, we can help clients effect the change and maintain their desired states more effectively and with greater efficacy.


Get the help you need

Starting in 2020, LAHyp will continue to operate and offer its services through Azuright Pte Ltd.

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30 Minute Mind Spa Program (Via Zoom Meetings)

Experience the complete bliss and rejuvenation you need in the midweek amidst these stressful times.

During this 30-minute session, you will experience a unique kind of relaxation. This programme is for you if you are looking to relax and take a mental break from it all, in need of mental rejuvenation, or in need of a mental and energy boost to be more resilient in these stressful times among other reasons.

All you need, is a willingness and openness to imagination and the process.

Azuright has created this event specially for this stressful CB period, to help keep everyone a peace of mind and practice self care during this challenging times.


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About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a heightened state of focus and suggestibility brought about by way of hypnotic induction. Through use of hypnosis, we establish acceptable selective thinking. One is then better able to take control of their lives. Hypnotherapy is an efficient mean of making remarkable desired self-improvements or changes within a short time frame and it is suitable for anyone.

Stop Talking. Start Living.

If you are one of those who have on countless occasions promised you were going to stop an undesirable behavior that is affecting you or to make improvements and enhance certain skills that you already have, yet have not found the motivation or the will power to do so and see through them successfully, hypnotherapy can help you achieve all of that in less than 10 sessions, sometimes even as little as 2 sessions. Depending on what you are seeking help for. What’s more is that when you choose to use hypnotherapy to achieve what you want, it really IS YOUR OWN VICTORY.

Program Lead

Our Wellness Programs including Hypnosis, NLP and Stress Management Programs are conducted by Lee Anne. Anne has been in clinical practice since 2013 her clients come from all walks of life and include senior business executives, stay-home mums, artistes and expatriates.
She has successfully helped many clients overcome issues such as addictions, phobias, failures, traumatic events, self-esteem issues, performance anxiety and stress-related anxieties.
Anne is a a Certified NLP Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner and Certified Master Hypnotherapist. She holds  a Bachelor of Arts Psychology (Honours) from the State University of Buffalo, New York.