When should I look for a therapist?

If you are on this page, chances are you have been thinking about reaching out for external help for awhile. Or perhaps a close friend or family member have been urging you to consider getting some help and you are starting to see some truth in it. Well, here are some common questions people ask themselves before seeking for external help and some questions which I, the therapist would ask before accepting a client.

  1. Is whatever that is bugging you affecting your quality of life and those around you?
  2. Is it something which you can control? Meaning it stems from within you and by changing your response to it can change the outcome? Or is it highly externally dependent?
  3. You have tried many ways to alleviate the situation but just cannot seem to find a solution
  4. You have tried and found many solutions, however the effects have all been temporary and you would like for them to be more permanent
  5. Take a good, hard, honest look at what is weighing you down and state it as clearly as you can to yourself what is the problem
  6. Ask yourself, what do you want. Stop answering that question with what you don’t want. There can be a million and one things which you do not want, but there is just ONE (usually) thing that you really want. So answer the question. What do you want.
  7. Is what you want something you want for yourself or something others want for you? Do you want it

These are just some common questions to ask before seeking help. If your answer is yes to the majority of the questions, then you should seek a therapist to help you. Here at Azuright, we seek to help you make the changes YOU want to implement to improve your quality of life and we have the best qualified team to help guide you to find it. Make an appointment with us today and find out how we can pave this path together towards a better future! Make an appointment now by clicking here! 

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