What is hypnosis

Once you understand what is hypnosis, the idea of using hypnotherapy to address your problems will not seem so scary or mystical anymore. Gone are the days when a hypnotherapists holds up and swings a pocket watch in front of your eyes and say “you are getting sleeeeeeepy~”. Not that it does not work, but as with everything else in the world, the techniques used in hypnotherapy have evolved in leaps and bounds since then and we no longer require the use of a pocket watch or swinging pendulum to induce trance. Trance in this case,whenever used in context with hypnosis, refers to a meditative like state, a state of hyperfocus.

To put it simply, the state of hypnosis is a state of heightened focus. You are very much awake and in that waking state, your hypnotherapist will guide you to focus on specific things. Have you ever been so focused on one thing that you ignore or are not aware of anything else that is happening outside of what you were focused on? Ever missed your exit on a highway because you were thinking of something else? Or perhaps failed to notice things you were trying to find when they were right in front of you all that time? These are all examples of how we have put ourselves into a trance ourselves.

What happens during hypnosis is that your hypnotherapist will guide your conscious mind to relax and or focus all your attention on one thing so that we can bypass the critical factor (the part of your mind which accepts or rejects suggestions) and reach the subconscious where all your memories are kept. There, your hypnotherapist will serve as a facilitator between you and your subconscious mind. Now note that the hypnotherapist is merely a facilitator, a guide. Ultimately, the solution which you walk away with from the session is made by you and all the improvements you make is also all done by you. Why do you need a hypnotherapist then? Because our minds all serve to protect us and our subconscious especially, can be a stubborn muscle. Now, whilst we do not negotiate with your subconscious on your behalf (because that is up to you), we will guide you to GAIN ACCESS to your subconscious and then guide you along HOW to negotiate with it. We are there to facilitate an understanding and to help clear any misunderstandings you may have within yourself. This way, all changes made are made by you for you and therefore much easier for your mind to accept and put into action. Which is why hypnotherapy is so effective and changes made are so natural. It may not be an easy process for some to get to that change, but it is definitely a simple process.

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