The myths of hypnosis

Too often hypnosis gets a bad name from Hollywood productions and generally any media that is meant for public entertainment. The first thing to note is that HYPNOSIS IS NOT MIND CONTROL. Nobody can control your mind but yourself.


It’s very simple. Think about it. If a hypnotherapist is able to control minds, wouldn’t we be 100% effective mental health professionals rendering all other forms of therapy moot? That means 100% client success in perhaps less than 15minutes! Wouldn’t that be amazing? But we’re not. We cannot control your mind or make you do something you do not want to do.

YOU are always in control of your own mind. 

That is to say, that you will not spill secrets or say anything you do not wish to say. Neither will the hypnotherapist be able to make you do something you do not wish to do.

So what is the explanation for what you see on live shows where people are asked to imitate chickens or do embarrassing acts? Before the show goes live, the hypnotists does a quick profiling of the audience and pulls some people aside before the show starts. There they would brief the individuals and do a pre-show hypnosis session for those who are willing and wants to volunteer for the show. They are then given suggestions on what to do and they perform accordingly during the show.

Another common myth is that of not being able to wake up after being put in trance.


When a hypnotherapist puts you in trance, you are not asleep. Our aim is never to put you to sleep. Some hypnotists may use the word sleep but what we are referring to is really the state between when you are still semi awake and semi asleep. That, is one of the deepest levels of trance and where you as the client will do your best work and produce the greatest results.

When you are in trance, you will experience a very pleasant, highly relaxing state. You MAY be tempted to drift off to sleep, but we strongly recommend you to not do so as you will then be wasting both your time and money. If you were to fall asleep, that is just natural sleep. The same kind of sleep you get every night (unless if you suffer from insomnia). We cannot accomplish anything during the session if the client is asleep. Unless again, if you suffer from insomnia. Then perhaps we will let you enjoy the much needed shut eye. When the work is done, your hypnotherapist will wake you up with suggestions. And even during the session, even when you are in the deepest of trance, you will still be able to wake if you were given a suggestion that does not sit well.

#3 If I remember/don’t remember the session it means I was not hypnotized

Whether you remember or do not remember the session is not a means of gauging whether or not you were hypnotised. Some people do not remember the session and some remember everything clearly. It is different for everyone. Just as no two minds are alike. You can even choose whether or not you want to remember or not remember the session just simply by requesting it with your hypnotherapist who can use a suggestion for you to either remember or not remember the session if that result is important to you.

#4 I cannot be hypnotized

EVERYONE and I mean, EVERYONE, can be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a state of heightened focus very much like day dreaming and everyone can day dream can’t they? Hypnosis is an induced state of trance which happens naturally to everybody on any normal given day. Recall to the last time when you were spacing out during a class or during a meeting. There, in that moment as you were searching for the memory that is an extremely light trance in itself. And when you do find that memory, that state you were in, where you were spacing out, was a self-induced trance.

#5 I should see immediate results or the session did not work

As with all forms of therapy, results seen may not always be immediately obvious. Sometimes, it requires certain triggers to happen to before you realise that you are responding differently than before the session. Sometimes, even when you are responding differently you may not even notice or realise because the change was so natural and effortless that until someone points it out you may miss the results entirely.

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