How to choose a hypnotherapist

Knowing how to choose a hypnotherapist that best suits you is extremely important because if you do not choose one properly, the session may not be as successful as it can be.

It is neither party’s fault when a session does not yield results as expected. This is so with all other forms of service providers you choose.

Why do you choose to go to one particular doctor and not another? It may be that you like this doctor better because you have gone to them since you were a child, it may be that this doctor chooses to prescribe medication which is more useful for your physical body type as compared to another doctor. Does that mean that the other doctor or the medication is wrong? No, it is just that your body prefers a certain form of medication to the other. It does not mean that the other medicine does not work, it just does not work as well for you as it may for another person. It is the same when it comes to choosing a hypnotherapist. Below are some guidelines on how to choose one.

  1. Is the hypnotherapist a professionally certified hypnotherapist? This means, officially trained and recognised by a hypnotism board like the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). There are other official boards which govern the ethical training and certification of qualified hypnotherapists. Choosing one that is certified with the board will increase the likelihood of getting a hypnotherapist of a better standard.
  2. It is an almost necessary bonus for the hypnotherapist to also NLPĀ  certified (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) because whilst hypnotherapy is a fine effective therapy and method in itself, NLP adds so much efficacy to the sessions that without it, the sessions may not be as efficient as it can be. As with choosing a hypnotherapist, it will also be good to check if your therapist is certified by a relevant board for NLP.
  3. After checking for all those, schedule a consultation with the hypnotherapist you have shortlisted before committing to any sessions. This is because hypnotherapy requires rapport between you and your therapist. It works best if you like your therapist and feel that you can trust them. It is also important for the hypnotherapist to meet you and assess if the issue you have brought to them is something they are comfortable with and are able to help you with.
  4. As with most services, chances are that the cost of a session is a fair gauge of the sort of quality of a session you will get. A good hypnotherapist knows the kind of value they bring and give to their clients. How much is your mental health worth?

The above is a basic guide to how to choose a hypnotherapist. There will be other specific considerations that are highly individual.

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