WHY choose hypnotherapy

I’ve always been fascinated by how the human mind works and so when presented with the opportunity to study psychology I jumped on it without much further thought. During the 3 years when I was a psych undergrad, the professor skipped over the entire chapter on Hypnosis and that piqued my curiosity as to WHY it was so markedly ignored. And so I started doing my own research and the more I read and learnt about it, the more I became convinced that hypnotherapy is not only the most non-invasive but also the most effective means of affecting natural change from the core of a human’s mind. So why is this so?

All of our thoughts, our behaviours and personality stems from our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where we store all of our lives experiences, all the good and the bad. And it is all these memories and experiences that we have, added together that results in where we are and who we are today. So whilst traditional methods of therapy definitely have their benefits and are able to deliver results, through use of hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapist can reach further and effect natural change much faster and much more effectively by working with the client on a subconscious level where the presenting issue more often than not is stemming from as compared to consciously talking about it on a conscious level where the behaviour is not stemming from. Trying to create permanent change onĀ  a conscious level requires an extremely high level of self-discipline and self-awareness which few possess. Whereas change made by negotiating with your mind at a subconscious level results in change happening naturally and with much less surface conflicting behaviours.

Understanding that convinced me that hypnotherapy is the most effective and non-invasive means of creating greater impact and longer lasting changes. So if you are looking to make a change in your life in the most effective and non-invasive manner, be sure to make an appointment for a consultation by clicking here today!

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