How the human mind works

To understand why hypnotherapy is so effective, first we must understand how the human mind works.

The human mind can be split into 3 parts. The conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious.

The conscious mind is responsible for consciously processing everything on the surface that is happening around you as it happens. For example when you are working on a maths problem, when you are holding a conversation with someone or even as you are reading this article. The conscious mind is also only able to hold and process about 40 bits of information at a time. The conscious mind is also where your mind compares what is happening in the present moment to what it has learnt from the past.

The subconscious mind, is responsible for storing all your memories and experiences and everything you have learnt as you live each day. it is also responsible for taking in and processing all the information in your current environment which your conscious mind does not process. For example, your subconscious mind is what picks up subtle changes in a persons body posture, the tone of voice someone is using. You may not be able to point out consciously what shifted but you know something changed. Another example is when a ball flies towards your face, your hands will automatically raise up to catch the ball or you instinctively dodge from getting hit. This is your subconscious mind causing your behaviour. You have learnt that being hit in your face by a ball is not a pleasant feeling you want, that being hit in your face by a ball hurts. Therefore, you need to stop it. Notice how it is automatic and your conscious mind does not have the time nor need to process “ball hit face bad” before you raise your hands to catch the ball or dodge an object flying in your direction. Your subconscious is also where you make judgments and decisions as to whether something is good or bad, right or wrong. It is where you hold your beliefs and principles and also where all your habits are formed. Can you see why hypnotherapy is therefore the most effective means of making changes that last longer and happens easier?

Your unconscious mind is in charge of your autonomic nervous system. For example, your fight or flight responses, your heart rates, your metabolic rates etc.

The prime directive of all three minds is to protect you mentally, physically and emotionally. Your conscious mind picks up whether someone is lying to you by comparing to past experience protecting you from being hurt the same way. Your subconscious mind learns and creates behaviours which it has learned protects you from pain like for example how you respond to certain triggers. Whether it is something you need to be defensive about because you have been hurt that way before or if it is something that will not hurt you. Your unconscious mind which is in charge of your immune system releases the appropriate antibodies to fight against infections when it detects it.

The reason why we face most of our problems in life is because of how our subconscious processes what is happening at the moment. Because our subconscious mind holds all our memories and lessons learnt from them, it shapes how we respond to certain triggers based on the last time it had experienced a similar event and what got you safely out of it. It does not know that the way it has learnt to protect you is causing you more pain than it is helping you. Therefore, this is where the hypnotherapist comes in. To help you reach into your subconscious so you can educate it and bring it up to speed. An updating of your files if you will so that you function better.

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