Founded in 2019, Azuright Pte Ltd is committed to creating value and making a difference through our coaching, training, consulting and e-commerce programs.

We are experienced in working with B2B clients in achieving their organizational needs and in the provision of quality consumer products directly to customers on B2C platforms. 


We offer a variety of services to our clients including

B2B Services

We provide our B2B clients such as public sector clients/ social service sector clients and SMEs with a variety of professional services.

We are experienced in the design and delivery of Design Thinking training & consulting programs, as well as Qualitative Research for Customer & Employee Insights, Customer Service Training and Project Management for our clients.

Holistic Personal Development

We provide holistic personal development programs in the form of training and coaching to individual clients interested in their holistic personal development to achieve both personal and career success.

Our consultants bring with them a unique blend of experience and expertise in the areas of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy to be applied in a practical manner guided by our collective insight and perspectives as entrepreneurs and professionals.

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Consumer Goods

We currently offer a variety of consumer goods including various F&B products through our E-Commerce platforms and believe in co-creating unique and interesting products that value-add to the lives of our customers.

We work together with brand owners and suppliers to import and develop high-quality products that are designed to fill a niche in the marketplace and to provide consumers with an alternative outside of mainstream options currently available.

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